Amomati Medicinals


During my first year of Chinese Medicine school in 2015, I crafted an aromatherapy spray for myself to endure the rigor and demand of medical school. I named this product, "Heart Soothing Spray," (now called Heart Center Empowering Spray) and immediately it became a hit with my fellow medical students. They inspired me to sell it at our campus bookstore in Los Angeles, CA.

After falling in love and becoming pregnant, my interest in organic and toxic-free ingredients grew as fast as the love I grew for my developing baby.

 I learned both in school and in my personal research about the impact our emotions, our environment, and our diet have in the development of our health, especially of a newborn baby's health. Bringing awareness to the effects of our environment, genetics, and lifestyle choices on a human being is known as "Systems Theory" in Western social sciences. This is something our indigenous cultures have known for thousands of years.

Through the intimacy of pregnancy and breastfeeding, I realized that everything I consumed or applied to my body not only became a part of me, but also a part of my baby!

Formulating present-day Amomati Medicinals began in Portland, OR during the fall of 2017 in my second year at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. From then on, I lovingly incorporated Chinese herbal medicinals into our formulas for pain-relief, Mexican herbals for emotional balance, and Western herbals for beauty and personal care. This is a reflection of the value of interconnected medicine. 

My obsession and passion for accessible and sustainable high-quality herbal extracts has been powered by my nature-based medical studies and my beautiful family. We hope you enjoy the beauty and grace of earth-based ingredients as much as we do!

Amomati (ahh•moh•mahh•tee) means "no mind" or a meditative state of consciousness where there is no thought, just pure being. This is the state of intention poured into every product made. May you feel this state of pure and simple beingness in every aspect of your life.