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DIVINE LOVE FACIAL MIST || for skin hydration, priming, and asserting self-love

Image of DIVINE LOVE FACIAL MIST || for skin hydration, priming, and asserting self-love
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◾️ INGREDIENTS: Rose hydrosol*, Violet flower essence*, Rose Absolute*, Essential oils of Frankincense and Sandalwood*, Alcohol de Caña*

◾️ TO USE:
Mist 3-5 pumps after cleansing face and pat-drying to prepare skin for absorption of serum, cream, or facial mask. Can be used for hydrating and rejuvenating face and body, before facial massage, after a shave, as an underarm freshener, or as a bath additive.

▪️ Violet flower essence: encourages self-expression, self-liberation, core authenticity; for sensitives, empaths, high-perceptive people, artists, for those with gifts that are commonly overlooked by others around them while shying away from groups in fear of being misunderstood by others
▪️ Rose: sedates, calms and uplifts, balances emotions, improves circulation & heart issues, helps irregular menstruation, soothes pain, treats bacterial infection and treats eczema // spiritual properties - dispels fear, sadness, grief, and regrets, opens the heart chakra, for inner peace, compassion, and love
▪️ Frankincense: anti-inflammatory, relieves stress, reduces anxiety, antiseptic, anti-aging, lightens wrinkles, repairs skin // spiritual properties - purification, meditation, spiritual understanding, helps overcome fear, antidepressant, releases negative feelings, grief, loss, "food for the gods"
▪️ Australian Sandalwood: soothes dry, aging, inflamed or itchy skin, clears mind, relaxing, calming, promotes a sense of peace, aphrodisiac, improves memory, eliminates free-radicals, anti-aging, antiviral, antiseptic // spiritual properties - inner peace, relaxing, prosperity, consciousness, spiritual awareness, divination, meditation, wisdom, dispels fears and negative energies, supports alignment to higher purpose
▪️ Sugar Cane Alcohol: nourishes skin, antibacterial, natural preservative

Best if used within 6 months.
Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to protect medicinal properties from oxidation.