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WHITE SAGE + PALO SANTO LIP BALM || Sacred Ancestors | for creativity, meditation, and renewal

Image of WHITE SAGE + PALO SANTO LIP BALM || Sacred Ancestors | for creativity, meditation, and renewal
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What better way to care for your lips than with our vegan lip butter inspired by ancestral wisdom that is stored in two of our most beloved sacred plants, White Sage and Palo Santo. Both of these plants have been used by the indigenous peoples of the Americas (known by Native Americans as Turtle Island or as Anahuak by the Mexica) to purify and cleanse energy, emotions, and spaces. They are both antibacterial, help promote creativity, meditation, and renewal. Ahh.. just as our ancestors would have wanted. <3

◾️ INGREDIENTS: Raw Virgin Coconut oil*, Raw Shea Butter*, Candelilla Wax*, White Sage essential oil**, Palo Santo essential oil***, Vitamin E oil (non-GMO)
*organic **cultivated and unsprayed ***wild-harvested

◾️ TO USE:
Apply to lips as needed. Push up balm when necessary.

▪️ Raw Virgin Coconut oil: repairs and strengthens tissues, softens, helps retain moisture, soothes chapped lips, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral, treats eczema and psoriasis
▪️ Raw Shea Butter: nourishing and moisturizing, promotes collagen production, soften and strengthens skin, prevents drying, reduces wrinkles, soothes redness and inflammation
▪️ Candelilla Wax: astringent, diminishes hyperpigmentation, nourishing, treats scaly skin, reduces fine lines & wrinkles
▪️ Vitamin E oil: anti-aging, protects from UV damage, and repairs skin
▪️ White Sage: tones skin, purifies, stimulates and energizes creativity, promotes meditation
▪️ Palo Santo: relieves inflammation, stimulates immune system, reduces panic, anxiety, and insomnia, treats headache and body pains, antibacterial, antiviral, grounding, clears stagnant energy, enhances creativity

Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to protect medicinal properties from oxidation.