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STRESS MELT BODY SPRAY || for overworked bodies, minds, and overactive thinkers

Image of STRESS MELT BODY SPRAY || for overworked bodies, minds, and overactive thinkers
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for overworked bodies, minds, and overactive thinkers

a comforting blend of Lavender, Geranium, Patchouli, Atlas Cedar and Lepidolite gemstone in an amber glass bottle to protect the volatile oils. This blend is made to dispel worries, bring inner peace and understanding, lift the spirit, and bring grounding to assist internal health.

◾️ INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel*, Stress Relieving Blend (Lavender*, Atlas Cedarwood*, Patchouli*, Geranium*), Lepidolite gemstone, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

◾️ TO USE:
Everything we make is ceremonial. Shake gently or tap against the center of your palm and call upon the herbs for their help. It's all about the intention set. Spray on self, friends, family, pets, car, work, clinic, or apply directly to hair or skin!

▪️ Distilled Water: preserves and dilutes
▪️ Witch Hazel: anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin, locks in moisture
▪️ Lavender: relaxing, eases tension, soothes irritated skin
▪️ Atlas Cedarwood: grounding, clarifying, relaxing, naturally repeals insects
▪️ Patchouli: grounds and balances emotions
▪️ Geranium: calms nerves, reduces stress, naturally repels insects
▪️ Lepidolite gemstone: contains high amounts of natural lithium (used in anti-anxiety medication), balances emotions, induces sense of calm and tranquility, aids in deeper meditation from stillness and contemplation
▪️ Himalayan Sea Salt: cleansing, relaxing, nourishing, absorbs and neutralizes negative energy

Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to protect medicinal properties from oxidation.